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First Baptist Church of Holly Hill Renovation Completed

From Ashes To New Life!

First Baptist Church of Holly Hill has gone through a rough year, but, by the Grace of God, they now have new, renovated, and upgraded facilities that have again become a wonderful sanctuary for its members.

A huge lightning bolt, what would be considered a true "Act of God", hit the building's mechanical room and started a fire which burned down the fifty year old Sanctuary Building that was a landmark in Holly Hill.  The Sanctuary was a total loss, but, as it states in Romans 8:28, "... we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

TYL Construction, Inc. was brought in as the General Contractor and worked carefully to remove the damaged structure, leaving the old educational building and fellowship hall.  Since then, the old buildings have been remodeled and rejuvenated. 

 The Fellowship Hall, which was at one time used for indoor shuffle board as well as other recreational activities, has been completely changed to become a beautiful worship center.  The kitchen was remodeled along with a new dining area.  Handicapped restrooms were added along with new air conditioning systems to keep the old building cool.

The exterior of the buildings has seen the most visible change as a new colonnade and verandas have been added as well as new poured in place concrete stairs and elevated walkways.  The most stunning change has been the addition of landscaping and a brick paver courtyard which can now accommodate outside weddings and other activities.

"After the new landscaping went in, I must have received at least two or three calls a day from other people in construction as they rode by the project.  They would call just to let me know how beautiful everything looked," said Lloyd Davis, President of TYL Construction.  "Everyone in the City of Holly Hill , including the inspectors have been highly complimentary of the new facility.  I think mainly because they knew exactly what we had to start  with", Davis continued.  "We are most proud of how the project has turned out, and we certainly give all the credit to the Good Lord, after all, without Him, we wouldn't have been able to do all that we did."

Church Trustees Clara Clark and Jo Nelson have been amazed at the transformation and both said,  "It's hard to believe just how nice everything has turned out."

Brian Fredley of BPF Design, Inc. worked with Pastor Gary Goad to create the design and architecture of the new facilities.  "Pastor Gary has overseen the project from day one and has been a big encouragement to all that have had a part of this", Davis said.  "Pastor Gary wasn't afraid to get in there and do a lot of the work himself such as painting, cleaning, demo work, he was right in there with us through it all."

 One of the biggest hurdles and commitments that TYL Construction worked for on this project was to make sure that there was always a place for the church to hold services throughout the construction process.  "It wasn't always easy, but we always made sure things were safe for the Sunday morning and Wednesday night services", said Davis .

 Future plans for the Church include building a  new stand-alone sanctuary to hold between 200 to 300 seats.  "Good Lord willing, we hope to begin on the new Sanctuary within the next couple of years", said Pastor Goad.  "Who knows what God will do next!"

  First Baptist Church of Holly Hill had been, and continues to live on, as a beautiful part of the City of Holly Hill as well as a member of the Christian community. 


 TYL Construction, Inc. is very proud to have been a part of making all of this a reality and looks forward to the God given future of First Baptist.


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